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XML eBooks
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  • Programming XML by Example
  • KickStart Tutorial XML
  • Essential XML - Quick Reference
  • Teach Yourself XML in 21 Days
  • XML by Example
  • XML Demystified
  • XML for Dummies - 4th Ed (2005)
  • Beginning XML - 2Ed
  • XML CD Bookshelf

  • Perl eBooks
    PDF files Online Tutorials
  • O'Reilly - Learning Perl
  • Perl - Quick Refrence Guide
  • Picking up Perl
  • Perl for Win32 - Basic Tutorial v1.0
  • Beginning Perl
  • Picking Up Perl
  • Practical Perl Programming
  • Web Client Programming with Perl
  • Welcome to Perl 5 by Example
  • Practical mod_perl
  • Beginning Perl

  • SOAP
  • SOAP::Lite for Perl

  • ASP.NET Developer Centre
  • GridView Class
  • GridView Events
  • GridView.SelectedIndexChanged Event
  • Overview of ADO.NET

  • What's news!
    CzechWrecks Bangar Rally Ž
    This is an event where participants purchase a car costing no more than 150 and is an N reg or older (1996) and it must be fully road legal at the time of the event. Participants will drive their cars to the Czech Republic visiting six countries: France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic over a period of 4 days. For more details on the event, visit CzechWecks